Hello, I’m Sharon

Through creativity, I learn the simplicity of living simple Truth as I choose to live in response to the Lover of my soul!

One of the saddest things in the community where I live is seeing amazing young talents, gifts and abilities go wasted because of a lack of opportunities! It is my passion to help change this!

I give my time, my resources, I share my family for this cause simply because I believe we can all play a role and give something in some small way to change this world for the better for future generations.

It is my passion to help others know that their lives matter and that God is not a far-off illumination or a mere force, but that He is real, a personal God,  and He is interested in every detail of our lives.

Creative Expression is Worship. It is taking whatever my hands can find and enjoying the process of creating for the benefit of bringing joy to someone else’s life.

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Love & Blessings

Sharon Williams