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Greeting Card Journal

On this lazy, somewhat cold Sunday afternoon, I thought I would share a journal I made with an old but very beautiful greeting card I received from a very special friend.⁣

🌸This way I can cherish her words of encouragement and… ⁣

🌸I think of her and pray for her every time I use the journal. ⁣

🌸 If you’re like me and you save your greeting cards, give this idea a try (if you haven’t already)… 😉⁣

🌸and guess what, this can easily become a #prayerjournal ⁣

I keep all my greeting cards😊… I still have cards that I received on my wedding day 29 years ago! ⁣

🌸Well, I hope you are having a #happySunday 🌸

Love & Blessings



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