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Abide in Prayer

It is not always easy for me to pray for myself, to abide in prayer for the things I carry in my soul regarding me. These past few months have been particularly hard on my heart when my parents died.

However, I have come to settle within myself that there is always time to pray for me too, and not just for others.  I realized that it is especially important to pray for myself BECAUSE I am praying for others.

🦋I like to do things creatively and writing little notes to my “self ” as well as keeping a journal, is one of the ways I stay focused on what is meaningful.

So, here we go…a  little Note to Self:

🦋Love your Self enough to pray for your Self. This is where self-love and self-care starts. To place my SELF into God’s care…the One Who created me, the One Who loves me beyond what my heart could ever appreciate. The One Who knows my deepest needs and my craziest wants. The One who knows all of my words before I sometimes carelessly let it out. The One who would do anything and give His everything to be with ME. This is The One I get to entrust my soul to.

Praying for my Self is caring for my Soul…my thoughts, my emotions and my choices. I don’t know any better place to start than here…with The One Who knows me so intimately and loves me so completely.

What it means to Abide in Prayer

To abide in prayer is to remain stable and fixed in a state of prayer.

🦋To abide in prayer is to abide in Jesus Christ. Without Him, I cannot live a truly fruitful life. When I abide in Him, and His words abide in me I am abiding in His love… selah.

When His words abide in me, I will learn to hear His voice, know His will, and learn to know how to pray for myself. There’s so much to experience when I live in fellowship with the Lord, and He gives me so many things about myself I can talk to Him about… Psalm 139 is just one of the many Scriptures that proves how He loves talking to us about us!

So, for today, journal your hearts response to God’s words for you in Psalm 139.

“Lord, you know everything there is to know about me.                                                                                                   You’ve examined my innermost being with your loving gaze”

Prayer Journal

Have a beautifully blessed day!🦋

Sharon xx

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  1. Kamvelihle Siwali says:

    This was very insightful for me because I also forget that praying for yourself, really praying yourself, is something we’re supposed to do and there’s no selfishness involved. I sometimes feel if I bring personal things to the Lord, especially things I know are wrong (which He already knows, lol) I am almost being self-centred and selfish to the point that I don’t end up praying sometimes, which is ridiculous but this gives me comfort and a know how as to how to approach the situation and my feelings about it.

    Thank you, Aunt Sharon 🌻

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